The real stages of grief…

There are many misconceptions about the grief cycle and the stages of grief. This visual humorously, yet honestly, illuminates the discrepancies. When grieving there is no template, no order, and no right or wrong way to be experienced. Unfortunately, there are many resources out there, websites and books, that suggest that there is in fact a proper way to experience grief. Sometimes when we see these resources, we feel like maybe we aren’t doing it right. While there are grief categories, and indeed stages, one size, or one way,  does not fit all. Furthermore, once you have ‘moved through’ a stage, it does not mean that you will not re-experience those feelings again at a later time, maybe several times throughout your life.  Go easy on yourself, be kind to yourself and know that grief does not follow a template. The relationship you had with the person who is now gone was unique, so too will be your grief experience.

*Origination of visual referenced is unknown and was found on a closed FB Group “Private Practice” January 17, 2018.

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