Welcome. I'm glad that you are here. Coming to therapy can be anxiety provoking. Not knowing what you are walking into-literally-can make you feel even more anxious. I have included some photos so you can get a better idea of what you can expect when you come. Mountain View Therapy offices are located on the second floor. When you come, you will be walking into a warm and welcoming place of healing, and hope.


Mountain View Therapy is 7 miles outside of Leesburg, in the Town of Hamilton. Mountain View Therapy can be easily accessed via route 7 for clients commuting from other areas. The office is located on the second floor of a historical house that has been converted for commercial space. The Mountain View Therapy, LLC offices are warm and welcoming. The waiting room is private and has activities and toys for children.

Private Reception Area

The reception area (also on the second floor) is private and warm. Comfortable seating, magazines and books, and toys help everyone settle in and feel more comfortable. Also located on the second floor is a private restroom. At the time of your appointment, I will meet you in the reception room. If I am not in that area when you arrive, it means I am in session, so please make yourself comfortable and I will be with you shortly.

Comfortable Office

My office is calm and warm, simple and welcoming with windows offering gentle and natural light. My office is adjacent to the waiting room. Children feel safe knowing that their parent or a caretaker is nearby the entire time. This can be especially important if there was a traumatic loss or if there is any separation anxiety. I have a sand tray and sand tray toys as well other interactive therapy tools for the younger children in my office.